“This modpack is ridiculously good. Only made even better with those that play on. Game on.” -Griff

About the Server(s)

Our game servers are whitelisted, for mature (18+) players only.  We are a community minded, Minecraft (modded and vanilla) and other game server group who generally play with with no item or mod restrictions.  Mob griefing is almost always enabled, and difficulty set to normal or hard. The worlds we play are usually ultra hostile.

The ‘Geekworld’ server was started as a private Mindcrack FTB server in late 2012.


Being a mature community it is expected that nothing within the mod pack be abused or used unfairly on the server.  Additionally we run zero additional plugins, so it is expected members treat each other with the utmost respect and consideration.

The community is not meant to be exclusive, but it is intentionally meant as a mature gamer environment.  This is a place to hang out, and have fun with other adults, not generally with young children. Child friendly or appropriate language is not guaranteed.

We are all friends here, and as such being part of this community requires you be referred by a member. You will be asked to join our discord server, keep in regular contact, and stay informed with regard to the ongoings on the group.

Game Rules

All members should observe the following rules:

  1. No griefing or stealing.
  2. If you break it, fix it!
  3. Give your neighbours space.
  4. Use Youtube friendly language (some of us record LPs).
  5. No PVP, unless consensual.
  6. No exploiting of bugs (you will just ruin your own game experience).
  7. Be lag-conscious, and try to limit things that can cause lag.
  8. Do not deface the world (giant quarry holes, nuclear explosions, etc.).
  9. Friendly pranking is allowed, and even encouraged as long as they are non-destructive in nature.
  10. Be group minded, and have fun.

Pack Information

Since we change mod packs and games regularly, you can find this information on our discord ‘Announcements’ channel.


We are not currently accepting applications, unless by referral from a member already on the server.