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An original post by:  The DunkFodder

I regret to announce that I only just finished watching Game of Thrones season 1.  I did not jump into all the hype when it first aired on TV last year.  My friends and I would go for walks on our breaks at work and they continuously go on about how great this show, the characters, and the story.  As they laughed and told spoilers and jokes about the show secretly I tuned them out.  Not because I was uninterested but deep down I knew I had to see this show.  Being as the first season was only 10 episodes long I decided to wait until the season had finished. Life continues to be busy and you don’t always find yourself back to watching great things on TV.

Low and behold the end of winter is upon us.  After a year of listening to my friends talk about how winter is coming I decided it was time to dive into the show.  I watched the first two episodes in absence of my better half suspecting maybe it wouldn’t be up her alley.  After reviewing the first two episodes I insisted that she watch the show with me.

It took us just under a week to watch all 10 episodes as we were glued to our seats with amazement of how well the show was put together, how strong the characters were, and the amazing story that ties it all together.

Just a quick heads up, this article will most likely contain spoilers.  If you have not already watch the first season of Game of Thrones I strongly suggest you zip to the bottom of this post, click on the amazon link and order yourself a copy on bluray.

There were many characters thrown at us with introduction of season 1.

Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark
Played By Sean Bean

Lady Catelyn Stark
Played By Michelle Fairley

Robb Stark
Played By Richard Madden

Sansa Stark
Played By Sophie Turner

Arya Stark
Played By Maisie Williams

Bran Stark
Played By Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Joffrey Baratheon
Played By Jack Gleeson

Queen Cersei Lannister
Played By Lena Headey

King Robert Baratheon
Played By Mark Addy

Ser Jaime Lannister
Played By Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Tyrion Lannister
Played By Peter Dinklage

Jon Snow
Played By Kit Harington

Out of all of these key characters, only two really REALLY stood out as the characters that would eventually define the entire series.   Granted I have not read any of the books as of yet, but based on how the show has been ramping up you can see it coming.

Jon Snow – Bastard Son of Lord Ned Stark of Winterfell

Jon is an interesting character.  He’s extremely loyal to his family.  He is completely accepted as a key member of the family by his father and siblings however, being a bastard his brothers and sisters mother has never approved of him.  If you were going to a fight he’s the guy you would want on your side.  Extremely well trained he is a master swordsman.  Having the label of being the bastard of Ned Stark he has chosen a life of honor serving as the Knights Watch along the wall.  It is at the wall that his character reveals his true importance to the show.  He quickly forges allies and enemies with those who have volunteered to service the Knights Watch to avoid death.  Each one of his colleagues has their own little story as to why they are there but Jon appears to be the only one who has taken the Oath by his own free will.   He is often challenged here dealing with political positioning, news of his family, and of course the white walkers.

Keep an eye on Jon, who knows he may be end up being the only hope to saving the seven kingdoms down the road.  People seem to forget what lurks on the outside of the wall they tend to get caught up in their own politics, business and greed.  The writers have done an amazing job of presenting the other characters in this way.

Speaking of politics, business and greed…

Tyrion Lannister – Son of Tywin Lannister Lord of Casterly Rock

Tyrion is the BEST character on the show.  He’s intelligent, insightful, tricky, witty, and brutally honest with everyone he meets.  There is nothing that he says that does not either move the story forward or at least provide you with complete entertainment.  It is a delight to see his character on the screen.  He’s also quite a ladies man from what we’ve seen on the show.

Tyrion is a dwarf and has been quoted saying “All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes”.  He is in a unique position, although he easily finds a bond with Jon Snow, there is a distinct difference in their relationships with their fathers.  The Lannisters are a wealthy family who rule using money as power.  The Starks are a noble family that rule using the code of honor.  Each has their own pros and cons but Tyrion always seems to find a way out of trouble using either his brain, or his father’s cash.

Where will Tyrion end up in the future?  What role does he have to play in all of this?  I am not really sure.  One thing is certain, having been given the assignment of “right hand of the king” by his father things are really going to heat up.   Tyrion is no fool and will use this power to serve his own needs first and foremost above all others.

Jon and Tyrion will be a major driving force in Season 2.  Agreed there’s the whole “WAR” going on and such but it’s these two characters that I feel will define the show.

Join me and find out.

HBO’s Game of Thrones – Season 2 Premieres April 1st at 9PM ET/MT





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3 thoughts on “Season 2 is Coming! Game of Thrones Character Watch.

  1. Haven’t seen it. Haven’t read the book. It’s like Dragonlance Legends all over again–

    “kingmonkey, you have to read this!”

    Oh, I have to, do I?

    There was so much hype from my friends that I just lost all interest. So far, it’s the same thing with Game of Thrones. I had been peripherally aware of the books but long since lost my taste for fantasy fiction. When it became a series, that same indifference carried over. Maybe I’ll check it out when I sign up for Netflix.

  2. This show is solid. Can not wait for Sunday night. Don’t forget about Daenerys Targaryen and Ser Jorah Mormont. There is going to be something seriously awesome coming out of that.

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