MOMECorp Terrafirmacrack Resurrection E17 – The King of Zinc

Having crashed on some distant world, watch us try to survive while we wait for rescue by MOMECorp in this Terrafirmacrack hardcore special. Episode 17 – This is what happens when we stay up too late. Website: http:/ Server: | Resurrection are a set of rules we

Antikas Plays Minecraft: Uncharted with Allison – Episode 5

More Uncharted Territory!  After a very long break, Allison and I delve our way into Calamity Castle. You can watch out progress via the livemap at: Website: http:/ Server: Map | Texture pack Note: this is a private whitelisted server. We are currently not accepting applications. Music: The

Tekkit Showcase – Part 2 Part 2 -Finally I showcase the Chickenator XL, an epic chicken cannon system njetson and I designed for MOME’s Farming Challenge. Enjoy! 🙂 Website: http:/ Server: Tekkit Download | Textures | Sphax Add-on Textures Note: MOME ( is a whitelisted deluxe tekkit server– to join follow the instructions