It’s a theme week, geeks!

To kick of Comic Book Week here at GeekMusic, I present you another non-video (thanks, Youtube!). We stray away from pop and rock today, and into the realm of rap and hip-hop from the awesomely named Adam Warrock and the Infinity Watch.

I don’t even have to tell you what’s geeky about this song. That’s how it rolls. Hardcore geekery, right there. (And for the record, Marvel beats DC, in my book.) So rather than tell you about Eugene Ha, Warrock’s mild-mannered alter ego, and how he’s only recently begun his music career (3 albums available digitally), I’m going to make sure you understand who Adam Warlock is (the name upon which Ha’s pseudonym is based).

Adam Warlock was introduced in 1967, in Fantastic Four #6667, although he was simply known as Him, at that point. Later on, he was revamped by Roy Thomas in 1972 before finally landing his own series in 1975. (He only appeared in a few other titles during that time.) Got it? Good, because none of that matters.

Warlock came back in a  big way in the nineties -a period many comic book fans know as the dark ages. He reappeared in the miniseries called The Infinity Gauntlet, which was, actually, an awesome Marvel cosmic event comic. It all had to do with Thanos getting the eponymous mitten and laying waste to the universe. Naturally, everyone bands up to stop him and, in the end, fail miserably. I won’t spoil the story, in case you haven’t read it (which I highly recommend; it’s probably available at your local comic book shop, bookseller, or online, in collected trade paperback or hardcover graphic novel format), but the story ends with Adam Warlock getting the infinitely powerful gauntlet and not giving it up as planned, since he feels he can do more good as the universe’s supreme being, rather than scattering the gems as he had promised.

Adam gets his mitten on!

This leads to Adam’s most popular comic (which isn’t really saying much) called Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Hence our artist’s pseudonym. Warlock’s series wasn’t tremendously popular, eventually got cancelled, and Warlock has since appeared in a number of Marvel’s cosmic titles (which took a sharp upturn in number around  2010, with the publication of the Annihilation storyline- and if you haven’t read Annihilation or Annihilation: Conquest, mofo do it now!)

So there you have a little Comic Book 101.



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