It’s time (once again) for last Friday’s Friday Two-fer!

I guess this past week(and a half)’s theme was Canadian bands because today we say goodbye to Small Sins in Toronto and hello to Winnipeg‘s The Weakerthans. (You may also be saying something to the effect of “What the frig am I doing in Winnipeg?”) We’ll start off with another non-video (Thanks, Youtube!)

What could be more geeky than cats, right? The internet rules geek lives and cats rule the internet as the crown princes and princesses. I’m sure doctoral theses in behavioural sciences are being written at this very moment describing the phenomenon, but on an instinctive level, any internet-addicted geek can tell who their rightful rulers are.

And if there’s anything else the internet loves as much as cats, it’s… uh, choreography… affirmations of goodwill towards others… uh, expeditious conviction and execution of criminals? We don’t even have capital punishment in Canada, so that last one’s out. Anyway, there’s no denying the camp value and geek factor of the video for The Reasons. It’s especially fun to try and pick out the Canadian actors and try to figure out where you’ve seen them before (Canadian TV and Cinema Bingo!). And if you do, you’re an even bigger geek than I am.




  1. kingmonkey ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Second video, actually. One limitation of this blog is that you can’t even put a link to a Youtube video without it automatically embedding the video… which I didn’t want.

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