GeekMusic: Track 1 – Art vs. Science!

They say that only music can soothe the savage geek– or something to that effect.

As I walk along this dark highway called the Internet, I have been lucky enough to stumble across so many songs by so many artists that I never might have discovered had I just been condemned to listen to the radio. But it is rare (or at least rare-ish) to find those magical songs that wear their geek heart on their geek sleeves (sleeves with pocket protectors).

Given the opportunity, I’d like to share some of those songs with you and hopefully help expand your sphere of sonic influence (Level 4 spell!)

So how do I describe the video? It’s kind of like equal parts James Bond, They Live, and Thriller. Art vs. Science is an Aussie trio that formed in 2008. Bonus: if you’re a hipster, you can still get in near the ground floor on this one! It’s obvious that this group has a lot of fun with their music, and their music videos. This particular song, audio only, has a bit of pop and a lot of energy, but when coupled with a video of this level of cool, it takes on new life.

The Experiment is the name of their first album, released 2011, and I highly recommend it. Loads of great tunes and many with a geeky sensibility.



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