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Minecraft – Cosmos UHC – Season 3 | Episode 1: Team Fancy Robots

We’re back for another season of UHC on the Cosmos Server. This time, we’re paired up in teams!

The Rules:

– Limited to 1000×1000 block map
– Last team standing, wins!
– You don’t regenerate health automatically unless you eat a golden apple or use a regen potion
– Golden apples now require ingots instead of nuggets
– Regeneration potions require a gold block
– A few other minor tweaks

Minecraft – Cosmos Server – The Building Game

We take a look at Seth Bling’s ‘The Building Game’ with the guys on the Cosmos Server.

Download: http://sethbling.com/TheBuildingGame



Minecraft – Cosmos Server – Episode 10: Terraform Prank!

Now that John has started construction on his space base,Sicken and Chris give me a hand in the largest prank ever– a total biome conversion! XD

(Not being jerks, we’ll help with the clean up)

Cosmos is a Mindcrack inspired vanilla server, started by CosmicChris.




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