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Terrafirmacrack Resurrection: Season 2 Launch

Hey Everyone, and welcome to TFC Resurrection : Season 2!

If you missed the launch event Friday, you may want to check out the forum to read about the pack and server information. We still have plenty of slots, and while we are emerging from the stone age there is still plenty to do!

If you would rather watch than play, keep an eye on my youtube channel as Terrafirmacrack videos will start getting posted this week.

The Walking Dead: What to expect when you are expecting.

The Walking Dead:  What to expect when you are expecting.

For a world with nothing better to do – an original post by The DunkFodder

For those of you not still in relapse from the latest Saturday rendition of St. Patrick’s Day, on Sunday evening there was a show.

The Walking Dead season 2 finale aired and as promised it went out with extreme hell fire on the ranch.  If you have not yet had the pleasure of watching the show, my humble apologies this post will contain spoilers.  Please note, that if you have not watched it yet by the time this goes live, I am on my way to your house and I’m bringing Merle!

What is the greatest part about this show?  Its keeping true to the themes of the book but its bringing us on our own journey with new places and new faces.  What to expect when you are expecting? I’ve read almost every issue of the walking dead.  I know what I expect to see in the show.  What I am getting?  is something far more!

Season two had us all holding our breath during the first episode on the hi-way.  It was well shot and extremely tense.  It was a great way to set the pace of the season.  A pace which quickly became like one of the main stars of the show…the pace of the walking dead.  Now let’s wait and hold on for just one moment.  Before we get into what was great and what was not so great about this season there’s something…no someone that’s been forgotten.  You know that guy on survivor that no one pays any attention to and he always ends up in the final 4?  That guy is T-Dog…. lets do a quick back track to season one.

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