Terrafirmacrack Resurrection: S2 E21 – Is it safe?

Season 2 launches with a mad scramble for shelter, and a noticeable lack of food! ‘Resurrection’ is a set of mechanics we have implemented enhance our hardcore gameplay. When killed, you come back as a ghost– a non-coporeal entity that has very limited means of interacting with the world around you. You have to undergo […]

Terrafirmacrack Resurrection: Season 2 Launch

Hey Everyone, and welcome to TFC Resurrection : Season 2! If you missed the launch event Friday, you may want to check out the forum to read about the pack and server information. We still have plenty of slots, and while we are emerging from the stone age there is still plenty to do! If […]

MOMECorp Terrafirmacrack Resurrection

Having crashed on some distant world, watch us try to survive while we wait for rescue by MOMECorp in this Terrafirmacrack hardcore special. In this episode we discover fate is unkind to us, in every possible way. Website: http:/geekplanet.ca/mome Server: minecraft.occupies.me | world.geekplanet.ca Resurrection are a set of rules we have laid down to enhance […]

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