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GeekMusic: Track 9 – Thomas Dolby

It is time for, as the French say, un blast de le past. While my French may be suspect at best, I’m sure you will agree with me that this video for She Blinded Me with Science ranks among the legends of GeekMusic.

From the song loudly proclaiming its nerd status with science, to the video set in the Home for Deranged Scientists (a precursor to GeekPlanet?), this is prime, geekiness (prime meaning that it is a track with a numerical value greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself!). Thomas Dolby had a couple minor hits and notably (for me, anyway) laid down a couple tracks on the soundtrack to Howard the Duck.

Thomas Dolby started in music back in 1981 and is still active today, largely as a producer and session musician. In fact, he has an upcoming album called Map of the Floating City which is planned to dovetail into a multiplayer online video game of the same name. The game will come out first, and will feature the ability to download tracks from the new album and, when the players unlock the climax of the game, the album will be released! Super cool. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that.




GeekMusic: Track 7 & 8 – Muse

It’s (past) time for a Friday Two-fer!

April Fool’s Day! That somehow excuses me not posting on Friday.

So let’s get right to the meat of the matter. Hop right into this first video and then try not to run around your house with your Nintendo laser gun, shooting your relatives, roommates, or loved ones.

A video that combines elements of Kung-Fu, western, and sci-fi movies? And with a low-budget feel? How could that not be geeky? Most of us were raised on a diet of B-movies (at least the cool geeks were). And I love how the opening sequence finishes with an over-the-shoulder view of the protagonist emerging from his shack in a way that mirrors the opening bit with Glenn Scott in Lawrence Kasdan’s western epic Silverado. (What’s that? Did I just go film geek on you? Bam! Roll with it, my lovelies. Roll with it.)

Okay, maybe choosing Muse was a bit of a cheat, since everything they do is suffused with some kind of sci-fi elements. But there you go; I cheated. Bliss gives a simple visual thread to follow as Matt Bellamy jumps through the hole of the Giant Space Donut that his hometown rests on and down and down and out into space, as happens from time to time, right? Hell, even the lyrics have a kind of geekiness to them as he proclaims his desire to be cool like someone else. What geek hasn’t, in high school, perhaps, wished to be the cool kid? Maybe Antikas, I guess. He’s pretty well-adjusted.

Muse is a trio-turned-quartet that hails from England. They formed in 1994 and currently have a handful of albums (four of which I own), and a slew of recognizable hits. I can definitely recommend their earlier albums, but after Black Holes and Revelations, in my opinion, the quality becomes a bit samey. Meanwhile, peruse their Youtube collection and you’ll find sci-fi awesomeness to keep you occupied while you really should be working, guys.





GeekMusic: Track 6 – Operator Please

But they’re just a bunch of teenagers, you say? Well I bet their teenage band could beat up your teenage band because, odds are, you don’t have one let alone one which has been featured multiple times on Triple J radio’s prestigious annual Top 100 lists. (And if you have, then I’m sorry for being uppity.)

What can I say about this song? Holy crap is that ever high energy. If you’re not up out of your chair and bouncing around like some Red Bull-powered kangaroo, then I don’t know what to do with you. So, another Aussie band, but this one featuring a more straightforward pop rock sensibility than Art vs. Science. These kids got together in 2005 to compete in their high school’s battle of the bands. Their first album came in 2007 earning them an award for the single for this very song here.

Not much to say about the song itself. It’s fun and energetic. And it’s about table tennis, I think.




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