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GeekMusic: Track 14 & 15 – The Weakerthans

It’s time (once again) for last Friday’s Friday Two-fer!

I guess this past week(and a half)’s theme was Canadian bands because today we say goodbye to Small Sins in Toronto and hello to Winnipeg‘s The Weakerthans. (You may also be saying something to the effect of “What the frig am I doing in Winnipeg?”) We’ll start off with another non-video (Thanks, Youtube!)

What could be more geeky than cats, right? The internet rules geek lives and cats rule the internet as the crown princes and princesses. I’m sure doctoral theses in behavioural sciences are being written at this very moment describing the phenomenon, but on an instinctive level, any internet-addicted geek can tell who their rightful rulers are.

And if there’s anything else the internet loves as much as cats, it’s… uh, choreography… affirmations of goodwill towards others… uh, expeditious conviction and execution of criminals? We don’t even have capital punishment in Canada, so that last one’s out. Anyway, there’s no denying the camp value and geek factor of the video for The Reasons. It’s especially fun to try and pick out the Canadian actors and try to figure out where you’ve seen them before (Canadian TV and Cinema Bingo!). And if you do, you’re an even bigger geek than I am.




GeekMusic: Track 13 – Small Sins

Small Sins have a song dedicated to a phenomenon that could only exist in the digital age. When alcohol, hormones, and internet access collide with sudden remembrance of an ex’s email address, the drunk e-mail is summoned… and shame is its awkward bastard child.

I first came across Small Sins quite by accident, when the band opened for the Secret Machines, here in Ottawa. Small Sins is also known as Thomas D’Arcy, though he puts together a rotating roster of artists for his band for live shows. As a matter of fact, you can check out an interview and listen to a studio set Small Sins did for CBC Radio over at their CBC Radio 3 site. (See how we do it in Canada, RIAA? Sharing is caring.)

The song delves into the shameful practise of drunk dialing’s more evolved cousin: the drunk e-mail… likely already replaced by the drunk text, at this point, considering the song was released in 2007 on the excellent Mood Swings album. I, of course, have never drunk e-mailed anyone, or even drunk dialed. Anyone who knows me will surely attest that I adhere to the strictest standards of dignity at all times.



GeekMusic: Track 11 & 12 – The Phenomenauts

It’s time for (last Friday’s) Friday  Two-fer!

With a budget slightly greater than Antikas and I could ever scrape together, the Phenomenauts put together some fun and funky sci-fi videos for their awesome rockabilly sounds.

Let’s watch the video for Tiny Robots

Everything from the space Toyota Corolla and the photonegative alien girl, to the Batman ’66 building climb and the worst-ever-ROM-cosplay-robot bespeak the love these punk rockers have for the B-movie sci-fi genre. The Phenomenauts have been together since 2000, and have a trio of albums out to date. Bands of this type make their living off live performances, not studio albums, but you might have to make your way down to California to catch them.

Now, I can’t find a video for their song Space Mutants 4, which was my first choice for a second song (… or second choice for a first song? I don’t know; I’m not good at the math), so here is the non-video (thanks, YouTube!) for a song whose sentiment we can all proudly agree on.

Hear that, Venus? Yeah, that’s right. Suck it! Earth is the best! What’s that, Venus? You and Uranus are the only planets in our solar system to revolve east to west? Well we invented Rockstar energy drinks! Shove that in your sulfuric acid clouds.

(kingmonkey, you may wonder, are you trying to pad site traffic with extraneous links? Well, shut up, hypothetical readers, mind your own business.)




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