Minecraft – Feed the Beast (Mindcrack) – Episode 15: Got rubies?

Having completed the diamond processing plant, we head off to the Nether hub and open up ‘The Diamond Exchange!’ Come to me sweet rubies! Download: http://feed-the-beast.com/ Music: The Snow Queen | Kevin MacLeod Machinimasound       Tweet

Minecraft – Feed the Beast (Mindcrack) – Episode 14: GTA V Prank!

After lightning destroys a good portion of my buddy’s house while he was away playing GTA V, Sicken and I attempt to correct the situation with a late night prank. Don’t worry, we also left a care package to help him rebuild. 😉 ** VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: MAY CONTAIN COARSE LANGUAGE AND (IM)MATURE SUBJECT MATTER […]

Minecraft – Cosmos Server – Episode 9: Horse Island!

As it turns out, we have an island full or horses about 100 blocks west of the Pirate City. Sicken and I set sail with plans on claiming it! Cosmos is a Mindcrack inspired vanilla server, started by CosmicChris. Tweet

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