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GeekMusic: Track 5 – Chris Dane Owens

Fanfiction comes to life!

I’ll warn you right now: what you are about to watch is damned catchy.

Okay, seriously. Was I right? It’s not particularly good, I admit. The music itself I can best describe as ‘inoffensive’, which is hardly high praise. But that video…

Did this remind you of the time that Antikas cornered you in the change room and forced you to read his LOTR fanfic, his eyes rather too excited, sweat glistening on his forehead? The impression I get from Chris Dane Owens’ epic video is very much one of fanfic come to life. I’ll admit, I was hesitant to do much research into Mr. Owens, for fear of ending up on some kind of Geocities site with animated gifs and… shudder. But I do know this song was released in 2008 and it made a bit of an internet splash.

All I can say is this is prime geek video, right here.




GeekMusic Track 3&4 – The Pinker Tones

HI there voters.

It’s time for a Friday Two-fer!

It was hard for me to make a decision on today’s geektrack, so I chose not to decide (which, as Rush will point out, is still a choice). Here are two different tracks from the same group which give a good idea of the fun, geeky energy that The Pinker Tones are capable of putting out.

Karma Hunters is the first song I ever heard from Barcelona’s duo, The Pinker Tones (whose membership is comprised of Professor Manso and Mr. Furia– geek names, or what?). They formed in 2001 and have put out about a dozen albums or so. In this video, we are treated to some deceptively fun animation which kind of has a bit of a political message, though a broad one to be sure. But more importantly, it features a robot dog biting the butt of a trumpet-faced robot.

Now, S.E.X.Y.R.O.B.O.T. is unarguably the geekier entry of these two, from the very tech-influenced music theme and style, to the video featuring a cardboard robot trying to get cardboard-robot-laid. And if you stand there in your leggings and tell me that you didn’t get a bit aroused when Robina, the pink, female robot is introduced, I will call you a liar, sir (or ma’am).




GeekMusic: Track 2 – Datarock!

Today, we take a look at a video so grippingly real, it could have happened to you! Or you! Or even… well not you, but you!

So how do I describe this video? Well, it’s as if a camera crew followed Antikas around one summer at computer camp when he was a teenager. No seriously, tell me you don’t think of Antikas when you watch this! It’s downright awkward. Like Antikas!

Datarock are a Norwegian duo, apparently formed in 2000. Computer Camp Love comes from their 2005 EP Datarock Datarock. Looking at the video, listening to the music, you can feel the geekiness exude. What’s more geeky than embracing computers to make music instead of old fashioned, analogue instruments?




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