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Geekmusic Track 20: The Grates – Science Is Golden

Science is golden, isn’t it? Okay, so this is a bit of a cheap one, being that science appears in the title and the chorus but otherwise has nothing to do with the song. Or the song has nothing otherwise to do with science– whichever. But still, it’s a sentiment that we geeks can all share. If we can’t, then I dont know if you’re the kind of person I want to be friends with, and I want your Special Friends’ Signal Ring back, Dr. Beta.

The Grates are a three piece outfit from Australia (and, yes, I do listen to bands from places than Australia), founded in 2002 with three studio albums to date, although the drummer girl has been replaced by a drummer boy, and that dulls the warm feelings in my heart, for some reason. I guess I just feel the world needs more drummer girls. This particular video, again, not terribly science-oriented, despite the title, is downright weird. You’ve got dogs singing,  strange hedge maze backdrops, hornets, all paper cutouts. The song has a catchy tune and an upbeat vibe to it, simple lyrics, and a great sense of fun. (Further, I recommend checking out their video for Burn Bridges for further fun weirdness including potato-facing, prego-bomb man balloon angel and pillowthulu!)

Dr. Beta, I was just kidding. You can keep the Special Friends’ Signal Ring.

The Grates’ official homepage

PS. It turns out the drummer has gone on to study to become a chef. I just thought you might be interested to know that.

GeekMusic: Children Collide – Farewell Rocketship

Ask any geek and he’ll tell you what is best in life. It may differ somewhat from Conan’s predilection for ladies lamenting, mind you.

“Antikas! What is best in life?”

“To escape your enemies, flee the Earth in a rocketship, and make love to your woman in zero gravity!”

Truly, what could be better? While many of you are nowhere near close to such a goal, we can at least escape in fiction and now in music, with Australia’s Children Collide. Farewell Rocketship was released in 2008. Watch and listen now!

Geek aesthetic, geek content, and arguably a geek’s dream girl. I do like the Flash Gordon-style, eponymous space vessel. I’m not sure entirely what the rockabilly giant is all about, but the faceless guys in suits are pretty self-explanatory. Clearly, body-snatching aliens.


GeekMusic: Track 6 – Operator Please

But they’re just a bunch of teenagers, you say? Well I bet their teenage band could beat up your teenage band because, odds are, you don’t have one let alone one which has been featured multiple times on Triple J radio’s prestigious annual Top 100 lists. (And if you have, then I’m sorry for being uppity.)

What can I say about this song? Holy crap is that ever high energy. If you’re not up out of your chair and bouncing around like some Red Bull-powered kangaroo, then I don’t know what to do with you. So, another Aussie band, but this one featuring a more straightforward pop rock sensibility than Art vs. Science. These kids got together in 2005 to compete in their high school’s battle of the bands. Their first album came in 2007 earning them an award for the single for this very song here.

Not much to say about the song itself. It’s fun and energetic. And it’s about table tennis, I think.




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