Minecraft – Feed the Beast (Mindcrack) – Episode 15: Got rubies?

Having completed the diamond processing plant, we head off to the Nether hub and open up ‘The Diamond Exchange!’ Come to me sweet rubies! Download: http://feed-the-beast.com/ Music: The Snow Queen | Kevin MacLeod Machinimasound       Tweet

Minecraft – Feed the Beast (Mindcrack) – Episode 14: GTA V Prank!

After lightning destroys a good portion of my buddy’s house while he was away playing GTA V, Sicken and I attempt to correct the situation with a late night prank. Don’t worry, we also left a care package to help him rebuild. 😉 ** VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: MAY CONTAIN COARSE LANGUAGE AND (IM)MATURE SUBJECT MATTER […]

Geekplanet FTB NEWS: Joyride ends in tragedy!

Police and fire crews were dispatched late Sunday evening to the scene of a joyride gone wrong. The homeowner, Velorium117 was not home at the time of the accident. Details are still unclear, but police have reported several unknown persons were seen doing ‘donuts’ in a red sports car during the evening hours of Sunday, […]

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