Rock ’em Sock the Vote!

I found this video, quite by accident, on It appears pretty much without context, although I guess it doesn’t really need any. I mean, politicians? Getting into schoolyard brawls? Is that not awesome? It’s always reassuring to see how the people who run our countries are no more mature, and in some case are […] Geek Masculinity and the Myth of the Fake Geek Girl (my go-to place for comics-related news) has just posted an article by Rachel Edidin, an associate editor for Dark Horse Comics. It deals with the strange relation male geeks have toward female geeks– that peculiar, insular, occasionally misogynist tendencies that our lot, as a whole, often tend to display. Of course, we’re not all […]

MOMECorp Tekkit SMP S1E15 – Shelob, Queen of Spiders

Watch us try to survive and thrive in MOMECorp’s most hostile map ever– the explosive terror known as the ‘Asteroid Belt’.. Will there be tears? Space madness? And most of all, will we get grass? John makes nuclear weapons, I fight a spider, and Tink comments on our big purple balls. 😮 Website: http:/ Server: […]

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