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GeekMusic Track 22: Moon Girl!

Honestly, the best part of this video is that we can all relate on some level. Space travel, video game wars, hot babes with tentacles for boobs… I’ve said too much, just watch the video.

Terrafirmacrack Resurrection: Season 2 Launch

Hey Everyone, and welcome to TFC Resurrection : Season 2!

If you missed the launch event Friday, you may want to check out the forum to read about the pack and server information. We still have plenty of slots, and while we are emerging from the stone age there is still plenty to do!

If you would rather watch than play, keep an eye on my youtube channel as Terrafirmacrack videos will start getting posted this week.

Geekplanet FTB NEWS: Joyride ends in tragedy!

Police and fire crews were dispatched late Sunday evening to the scene of a joyride gone wrong. The homeowner, Velorium117 was not home at the time of the accident.

Details are still unclear, but police have reported several unknown persons were seen doing ‘donuts’ in a red sports car during the evening hours of Sunday, October 7th. The driver, possibly under the influence of cookie dough ice cream, lost control of the vehicle and crashed it into the dwelling at the front of the property.

Emergency crews fought to get the resulting blaze under control.

Two suspects were seen fleeing the scene of the accident, but their whereabouts are currenly unknown. Police are still canvassing the area for any information that may lead to an arrest.

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