Happy 427th Birthday, Antikas!

If you know anything about anything, surely you’re aware that today is Antikas’ birthday. Our resident programmer and curmudgeon celebrates his 427th birthday today so, in commemoration, I thought we’d run through some important historical events which took place on Antikas’ past birthdays. 2004 – The last Po’ouli (Black-faced honeycreeper) dies of Avian malaria in […]

Ray Bradbury (Aug. 22, 1920 – Jun. 5, 2012)

Imagine my surprise today, when opening my browser at work, to discover that Ray Bradbury passed away yesterday at the age of 91. Of course, we all come to an end, and we should all be so lucky as to get to 91 years, but wow… it’s weird to see this headline. I’ll admit, I […]

Dunkfodder.com:Movie Trivia Teaser

  Our fellow author Dunkfodder, and operator of our partner site, Dunkfodder.com is giving us a sneak peak at his upcoming movie trivia game with this 25 question sample! I gave it a test, knowing absolutely nothing about popular culture, movies, or celebrities and being a terrible trivia player in general. I think i did […]

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