Seagate Strikes Again: The Great Crash-oning


When it comes to storing data, there are three kinds of people. Those who know better, those who don’t, and those who know better but haven’t actually done anything intelligent to protect what they have on their computers. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category.

I have a sordid past with Seagate.  Today, they strike again.

I vowed to never again use their hard drives, but none the less my OS was sitting on one of their drives. I don’t know what the capacity was… now my BIOS reports 4GB, but that is definitely misrepresented. What is funny about this story, is that today I set myself up to sync 1TB with the cloud. I hadn’t actually started the sync, but my account was ready. Hah, joke’s on me.

This is the third (fourth?) Seagate drive I have lost in three years. This time it took my OS. Most of my critical day-today stuff was backed up via dropbox, but my Minecraft Let’s Play material… not so much. Unfortuantely, that was supposed to go to the cloud after I finished doing MoonQuest tonight. But guess what? It’s all wiped out now. Nothing to back up to the cloud, with the disk it was stored on making sounds like a piece of chalk being scraped across a chalkboard.

I hate you Seagate. Your desktop drives are crap,and I’m an idiot. Have a nice day.


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