Minecraft – Fellowship: Episode 9 – Fall of the Tritons and the Spiderweb Curse

We make our way into an evil Triton underground city, and Sicken is once again plagued by the Spiderweb Curse.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened had the Council of Elrond entrusted the ring to someone to a couple of idiots like us, instead of the fellowship? Find out, as we chronicle our adventures and embark upon our own journey through Middle Earth… to destroy the Ring once and for all.

‘Resurrection’ is a set of mechanics we have implemented to enhance our hardcore gameplay. When killed, you come back as a ghost– a non-coporeal entity that has very limited means of interacting with the world around you. You have to undergo a quest, with friends or alone– to bring yourself back from the dead!

The Fellowship 2.0 modpack is based around medieval times, featuring a rich and complex world full or knights, dungeons and magic. Prepare for an adventure you will never forget!

My custom pack has has the following mods:

TabbyChat 1.9.02
Ancient Warfare
Archimedes Ships
Ars Magicka 2
Backpacks 1.22.25
BackTools 2
Better Dungeons
Better Storage
Bibliowoods (BOP)
Biomes O’ Plenty
Blood Magic 0.6.5c
Chisel Mod
Coral Reef Mod
Damage Indicators
Dungeon Mobs
Dynamic Lights 1.6.4
Enchanting Plus
EnhancedPortals II
Familiars (Default and Extended packs)
Generator Mod
Goblin Mod
Hangable Maps
IchuUtils 2.4.0
Infernal Mobs
Jammy’s Furniture
Lord of the Rings
Lycanite’s Mobs 1.2.4
Natura 2.1.14
NEI and Plugins
Optifine 1.6.4 HDUC6
Ruins 1.6.4
Shaders Core 2.0.1b18
Small boats
Tinkers Construct
Balkons Weapons
Witchery 0-11-3
Witches and More

Downloads: Fellowship 2.0 |VodLauncher | Textures
Music: Virtutes Vocis by Kevin MacLeod | Do it! by  BitParty on Audiopad | MachinimaSound


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