Crusoe Survival: Episode 3 : Poor man’s Nether portal.

Stranded in this epic adventure map by IndianaCrafting, follow me as I try to survive in this amazing landscape, while battling vicious wildlife and my own incompetance.

IndianaCrafting on Youtube | Crusoe Survival Map Download
Music: Chee Zee Jungle | Kevin MacLeod:

Published by Antikas

I'm the site owner, and fellow Geek responsible for all this trouble. I play Minecraft. Sometimes I do other things. Seriously. Mostly, I play Minecraft.


  1. Shadowhart says:

    Hello Antikas!

    You are loved! you are missed! Please drop into JG and say hello.
    Pretty pretty please

    Mordi wants to do some experimenting to blow up half a station or eat nachos with you and monkey again.

    come on… What do you say?


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