Rock ’em Sock the Vote!

I found this video, quite by accident, on It appears pretty much without context, although I guess it doesn’t really need any. I mean, politicians? Getting into schoolyard brawls? Is that not awesome? It’s always reassuring to see how the people who run our countries are no more mature, and in some case are far less mature, than you and me.

Well, me, anyway. You guys can be pretty petulant. You know who you are. watch/ID=2313218945

If you’re not able to watch this at work, or what have you, it’s a montage of various world leaders and their parliaments or senates or whatevers, with the soundtrack from a pro wrestling event dubbed over for atmosphere.

Truly, electrifying entertainment.

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There was that one time, sure, but it didn't mean anything. Really! I mean it. What? Dictaphone, what? Oh for fu-

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