MOMECorp Terrafirmacrack Resurrection E10 and E11

Having crashed on some distant world, watch us try to survive while we wait for rescue by MOMECorp in this Terrafirmacrack hardcore special.

Episode 10 – Confused, and somewhat lost we make camp and try to decide what direction to go next. Gwth gets stuck in a box, and I make fun of Sicken’s pants.

Episode 11 – Discouraged, wet and cold from the lower temperatures we continue Northward.  I make something that doesn’t resemble a house (at all), Gwth becomes a mute, and Sicken is lost at sea.

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Server: |

Resurrection are a set of rules we have laid down to enhance our hardcore gameplay. We’re sharing a pool of lives to preserve the multiplayer element as long as possible. When the pool of lives is exhausted, the series ends.

Terrafirmacraft Download | Textures | TFC Add-on Textures

Note: MOME ( is a whitelisted deluxe tekkit server– to join follow the instructions on our applications section on the forum!

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