GeekMusic: Kirby Krackle

You cannot deny that, at some point in your life, you have wished for superpowers. It’s the core comic book shop (or shoppe) question: if you could have any power, what would it be? Just the other day, I was quipping (as is my wont) that laser eye surgery is a sham; if there were a surgery that could give me laser eyes, I would know about it. Of course, the violent crime rate would explode as giving someone the stinkeye would result in horrific burns. Still, we can all dream of the day we all somehow develop phenomenal abilities beyond mortal ken. (Mortal Ken works in accounting, I think.)

Kirby Krackle is a two-piece geek rock outfit founded in 2009, out in Seattle, Washington. Their secret origin makes no express mention of details of mystical training, mutant genes, alien rings, radioactive insects, alien abduction, vampire blood, or murdered parents and their billion-dollar fortune being focused on a life fighting crime… but I think we can safely assume one or more of these is the case. Kirby Krackle has three albums out, at present.

Fun fact! kirby krackle is the name of a visual effect frequently used by comic book art pioneer, Jack Kirby. The King used them in his many titles to represent negative space in strange and wondrous energies. Comme ceci:

Kirby Krackle’s  Official Site


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