www.ComicsAlliance.com (my go-to place for comics-related news) has just posted an article by Rachel Edidin, an associate editor for Dark Horse Comics. It deals with the strange relation male geeks have toward female geeks– that peculiar, insular, occasionally misogynist tendencies that our lot, as a whole, often tend to display. Of course, we’re not all misogynists. Probably fair to say we’re most of us more well-adjusted than that, but let’s face it: geeks can be very passionate about things that they hate. Ask any of your fellow geeks about the Star Wars prequel or DC’s New 52, for example.
So what happens when the basement dwellers feel threatened by… girls? It seems ridiculous. We all dreamed of geek girls when I was a teenager, and those that found them were very fortunate guys. And now that they’re becoming more common, male geeks are reacting with such vitriol and bile that I can scarcely understand it.

Read the article here: Geek Girls

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