MOMECorp Tekkit SMP S1E23 – The Chickenator 50,000

Watch us try to survive and thrive in MOMECorp’s most hostile map ever– the explosive terror known as the ‘Asteroid Belt’.. Will there be tears? Space madness? And most of all, will we get grass?

Arbos Labs is in the house! This episode, Stuart fails at doing intros, John plans for some chicken romance, and we win the belt. Seriously.

Website: http:/

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Note: this is a whitelisted deluxe tekkit serverโ€“ to join follow the instructions on our applications section on the forum!

Published by Antikas

I'm the site owner, and fellow Geek responsible for all this trouble. I play Minecraft. Sometimes I do other things. Seriously. Mostly, I play Minecraft.


  1. Antikas ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh, also-- vote on the LP brightness poll in the forum. I need to know if the video quality is ok, or needs improvement. There’s a cookie in it for you! <3

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