Ask any geek and he’ll tell you what is best in life. It may differ somewhat from Conan’s predilection for ladies lamenting, mind you.

“Antikas! What is best in life?”

“To escape your enemies, flee the Earth in a rocketship, and make love to your woman in zero gravity!”

Truly, what could be better? While many of you are nowhere near close to such a goal, we can at least escape in fiction and now in music, with Australia’s Children Collide. Farewell Rocketship was released in 2008. Watch and listen now!

Geek aesthetic, geek content, and arguably a geek’s dream girl. I do like the Flash Gordon-style, eponymous space vessel. I’m not sure entirely what the rockabilly giant is all about, but the faceless guys in suits are pretty self-explanatory. Clearly, body-snatching aliens.

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There was that one time, sure, but it didn't mean anything. Really! I mean it. What? Dictaphone, what? Oh for fu-


  1. kingmonkey ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Malaysia’s reputation for austere prison facilities, it turns out, is misrepresented. I get regular day passes, occasional internet access, gourmet food, edifying conversation, and plenty of time to fraternize with my wife. So, anyone thinking of committing drug offenses in Malaysia: really, give it a try! You’ll be surprised how receptive the locals are.

    (The preceding comment may have contained irony.)

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