Small Sins have a song dedicated to a phenomenon that could only exist in the digital age. When alcohol, hormones, and internet access collide with sudden remembrance of an ex’s email address, the drunk e-mail is summoned… and shame is its awkward bastard child.

I first came across Small Sins quite by accident, when the band opened for the Secret Machines, here in Ottawa. Small Sins is also known as Thomas D’Arcy, though he puts together a rotating roster of artists for his band for live shows. As a matter of fact, you can check out an interview and listen to a studio set Small Sins did for CBC Radio over at their CBC Radio 3 site. (See how we do it in Canada, RIAA? Sharing is caring.)

The song delves into the shameful practise of drunk dialing’s more evolved cousin: the drunk e-mail… likely already replaced by the drunk text, at this point, considering the song was released in 2007 on the excellent Mood Swings album. I, of course, have never drunk e-mailed anyone, or even drunk dialed. Anyone who knows me will surely attest that I adhere to the strictest standards of dignity at all times.



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